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Hello and thanks for visiting our website. We have been selling specialty foods for over 15 years. We deal directly with Chefs and the commercial kitchens. We carry spices, produce, herbs, dairy, specialty cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, oils, vinegars, Asian products, mushrooms, truffles, chocolates, fruit purees, pastry items, molecular gastronomy and the list goes on.


Updated June 10, 2015

Olli Salumeria- new Salami Line! https://www.olli.com:






Wild Boar


Flat Creek Products : www.flatcreeklodge.com/:

Chipotle Cheddar lb

Aztec Cheddar lb

Georgia Red lb

Havarti Dill lb

Miss Piggy (Truffled Crescenza) lb

Dragon's Breath lb

Low Country Gouda lb

Truffled Crescenza lb

Triple Threat - Farmers Red/Green Jalap and Hab Peps lb

Organice Fresh Blueberries lb


SaugaTuck Kitchens-www.saugatuckkitchens.com/

Hand Made Hor's devours

~French Onion Soup Boule (60 Count)$53.56
~White Truffle Potato Croquette (120 Count) $80.06
~Chorizo Empanada (100 Count) $74.15
~Brie And Raspberry Star (60 Count) $55.31
~Fig And Fontina In Phyllo Triangle (100 Count) $74.15
~Sundried Tomato And Portobello Star (60 Count) $53.56
~Mini Andouille Sausage In Puff (100 Count) $77.10
~Asparagus Risotto Balls (100 Count) $74.15
~Beef Short Rib And Bacon On Skewer (90 Count) $140.33
~Kalamata Olive And Goat Cheese Tart (100 Count) $96.21
~Manchego And Quince Tart (100 Count) $96.21
~Shiitake And Leek Spring Roll (100 Count) $75.63
~Chipotle Beef In Blue Corn Dough (100 Count) $74.15
~Artichoke And Spinach Phyllo (100 Count) $74.15
~Truffled Mac And Cheese Tart (100 Count) $86.69
~Premium Lump Crab Cake (100 Count) $119.74

Ask about our weekly orders with White Oak Pastures!

On the Scene

Some Items may take up to 2 days to get in!

  • Flat Creek Cheese and Frozen Blueberries www.flatcreeklodge.com/
  • Natalie's Orchid Island Juices http://www.orchidislandjuice.com
  • Black Garlic
  • Living Basil
  • Fresh Picked Basil
  • Tangerine Juice
  • Squash and Zukes
  • All Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Eggplant
  • Georgia Olive Oil
  • Root Beer Leaf
  • Collards
  • Sugar Cane
  • Some Herbs
  • Fresh Bay Leaf
  • Kaffir Lime Leaf
  • Black Eyed Pea Tempeh
  • Black Bean Pinto Tempeh
  • Black Bean Tempeh
  • Wainwright Cheddar and Milk
  • Local Honey
  • Oyster Mushrooms

  • Awesomely Good Stuff List IN STOCK NOW!

    Purple Cauliflower


    Black Eyed Peas (Shelled)

    Red Bartlett Pears

    Florida Peaches

    Black Garlic

    Blood Oranges

    Meyer Lemons

    Baby Red Beets

    Baby Chiogga/Striped Beets

    Baby Turnips

    Belgian Endive

    Watermelon Radish


    Florida Grown McGregor"s Greens from Arc Greenhouse:


    Pea Shoots

    Petite Red Sorrel 8 oz

    Micro Bull's Blood 8 oz

    Micro Mizuna 8 oz

    Micro Cilantro 8 oz

    Micro Wasabi 8 oz

    Micro Rainbow Mix 8 oz

    Fresh Origin's Micro Orchids

    Fava Beans


    Boniato Mex

    Castella Olives http://www.castella.com/ :

    Red Cerignola 2.5 lb.

    Green Cerignola 2.5 lb.

    Green Picholini Olive lb.

    Black Nicoise 2..5 lb.

    Petite Olive Collection 2.5 lb.

    Green Olive Stuffed Gorgonzola 2.5 lb.

    Green Olive Stuffed Pimento 2.5 lb.

    Country Pitted Olive Salad 2.5 lb.

    Country Medley Pitted 2.5 lb.

    ...More Good Stuff!

    Asian Pears

    Baby Heirloom Tomatoes

    Beauremont Butter 83% 55 lb.

    Peeled Cippolini lb.

    Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks

    Lotus Root


    Two Bros Kraut & Pickles

    Chinese Eggplant

    Assorted Fingerling Potatoes

    Baby Rainbow Carrots with Tops

    Shishito Peppers

    Shrimp Paste 12 oz

    Bulgogi Sauce 32 oz

    Sunflower Kernal Raw